A New Vista 

The new morning  knocks open a new window

I look out

 To find a Beauty beckoning me


To come out

And explore.

Tempted, I look around

To see 

If there is any door

To allow me go out

And join her company 

And the day, as if taking a cue

 Tugs at me: “try me

I’m the door.”

I get up to go

But the door whispers:

“Will you please close

That back door

Your ‘yesterday’?

That had led you

To another vista

That now now is past

Let it be closed

Let go the past

You can’t touch it

You may smell, hear, even taste and see it

In your memory

But you can’t get hold of it

Nor touch or grapple it.”

I agree to close that door

Marked ‘Yesterday’

And like a child I venture out

Through this new  door ‘today’

Holding the hand of the winking beauty 

The New Vista.

Moving out in the wide open world

With the eyes full of child’s wonderment!

Tomorrow will be another day

With a new window and a new door

But that will be tomorrow…

Here and now, I am a child

Enjoying this moment 

This fragrant breath

This beauty

This Vista!


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